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Simon l’Ami
Tel.: 087 873 45 37
Mobiel: 06 20 08 64 34

Gids op Maat is Dutch for tailor-made, customised. That is quite essential, as each customer has his/her personal interests and tastes. I compose your trips along your suggestions to fully comply to your wishes.

Who is Gids op Maat?

My name is Simon l’Ami
My drive is to show you what Holland is (mind the distinction with The Netherlands!) and how it grew to be this beautiful. I focus on its origin: the ‘making of Holland’, how it developed into this modern country. I show you its history still visible in the landscape, and its cultural-historical heritage My aim being: understanding at a hands-on level of the country to take home with you.

My own origins
I was born in 1951, near Leiden in the province of South-Holland. I went to University there and graduated in English in 1978. During my hitchhiking summer holidays I picked up and perfected my French, and German is no problem for me either. Later on I added Spanish - sparked off by a visit to Andalusia, the exotic South of Spain. From 1974 to 1980 I lived in Amsterdam, translating for a cartoon-publisher, and teaching English in secondary schools. Though I loved being a teacher, I loathed fighting against Teenage Disinterest.
With my young family I moved to Alkmaar, North-Holland, in 1980, supervising the distribution of national newspapers. This took me into every corner of that region, enjoying working with the local people getting to know the unique character and beauty of the Province. From 1997 my job brought me back to Amsterdam itself, until a reorganization in 2009 offered me the opportunity to realize my dream: showing all this to visitors, both national and foreign. In 2010 I started as an independent multilingual guide.

Group size hinges on span of control and therefore varies with way of transport: Locally, walking mostly is best (15 persons maximum) Wider areas are better visited on (e-)bikes (15 persons maximum) Regional trips are best done by car (from 4 in my own car, to 3 “tag-along“-cars or in a mini-bus)

In short,
I can show you around in any part of North-Holland, built-up or country-side.

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